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  • Do I have to commit to a minimum number of lessons?
    Every student is different and we trust that you can decide how many lessons you would like to commit to. However, we do offer package sessions which may serve to bring down the overall cost of lessons.
  • Can I combine services in 1 lesson?
    Yes, of course. We often cover a range of topics in one session.
  • University Lecturers
    I work with many university lecturers, and most feel they did not get enough public speaking support whilst a student themselves. Vocal training for university lecturers builds confidence and reduces anxieties in front of a large (or even small) classroom. By gaining control over your pitch, volume, resonance, tempo & pronunciation, you will lecture with newfound ease.
  • Tour Guides
    Tour guides deal with a lot of factors: large groups, echo-y buildings, traffic noise & smog, walking backwards … all whilst giving an entertaining and informative tour. Ultimately, tour guides need to be clear and loud enough to hear without overstraining. Vocal training for tour guides may address any number of these factors, depending on your current guiding needs.
  • Other Queries
    If you have an additional request, I may be able to help in your unique situation. I have worked with trans women on their voices, with actors on developing vocal characters, and pro bono work for non-profits and politicians. Every query can be discussed, and a plan of action crafted for you.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    This is unique to the individual, and depends on the client’s base and desired level of proficiency, along with the amount of work done outside of class. We work efficiently, but improvement can be gradual. Many clients work weekly over the course of a few weeks. The average client works between 3 to 15 hours to start hearing lasting changes.
  • Lawyers & Barristers
    A 2013 study found that the sound of a speaker’s voice matters twice as much as the content of the message. This is imperative in law, where winning means convincing a listener of your message. Vocal training for lawyers works to identify vocal liabilities that may bias your listener against you. We then use body, breath & presence techniques to develop a powerful, compelling and authentic voice.
  • Can I reschedule my session?
    Upon confirming your booking, you agree to the payment and cancellation terms. Please note before booking that a 24 hour cancellation policy applies. Bookings that are canceled less than 24 hours from the start time on the booking date will be charged the total rate.
  • Can my company cover the costs?
    Often yes, companies that are committed to employee continuing professional development will cover part or all of the training costs. We are happy to work with your company and submit a proposal for their approval.

Questions fréquemment posées


"Je peux dire que le travail avec vous a provoqué des changements dans presque tous les sens en ce qui concerne mon travail avec le texte et la parole. Il y a plus de clarté, la respiration est plus connectée, la projection améliorée, le goût des mots, plus de confiance dans la possession de ce que je je dis et en général, c'est plus amusant d'utiliser la langue pour continuer à l'explorer et à y travailler."

— JK, banquier d'affaires

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